Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Machines are Breaking Down by Matt Crackle

The machines are breaking down, and in their dismantling, I will also suffer.

Just got an email from my director of education at the online school. The president of the school has opened the year with a round of firings. She states:

"...we have been forced to make some difficult decisions in reassessing our current business model..."


"With that being said, these actions should serve as a wake-up call to all of us to come in every day, give our all, and work diligently to continue to impact a turn-around to experience a reversal of recent trends...."


"Decisions such as these are difficult but we will come out on the other end as a stronger and more vibrant institution that will continue to change the lives of those we serve every day."

Um, okay. "Current business model." "Give our all." "Vibrant Institution."

I emailed my former boss (who got axed, rehired, and moved to a different department) to check in on her and see if she was okay. My other recently resigned boss told me that he doesn't see the school surviving another year. I have not yet emailed my newest boss. I find her difficult to read.

For me, this is actually bad news, although the job is SHITE. At my current location, you can't even get paid for (insert any terrible act you like) let alone find teaching jobs easily. I have tried multiple times to move to greener pastures. Many terrifying, pragmatic and adult reasons have prevented my exodus. Horrified and humbled to realize that I am actually living our best case scenario.

And all this after buying this stupid fucking calendar (at 80% off) and saying to myself, "Hey, maybe you'll have an office this year to hang it in?" 

The power of positive thinking. Like a movie star writing himself a million dollar check when he's dead broke. Assuming that you can speak something into being and that it will magically come true.

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